Rotary Joints and Union

We Carbon Rotofluid Private Limited, are the recognized manufacturer & exporter of ‘Carbon’ brand Rotary Joints and Rotary union, Swivel Joints, Mechanical Seals, Carbon Graphite & Virgin / Filled Grade PTFE Products. Our produced range is highly demanded in petrochemical, chemical, mechanical, food processing and other industries.

Rotary Joints

Rotary Union

Swivel Joint

Swivel JointsGet Quotation

Swivel Joints

Swivel Ball JointGet Quotation

Swivel Ball Joint

Air Swivel JointsGet Quotation

Air Swivel Joints

Hydraulic Swivel Joints

Machine Tool Rotary Union

Custom Rotary Unions

Rotary Joints for Corrugation

Rotary Union for Air Industries

Rotary Unions for Water Industries

Carbon Graphite Products

Graphite PlugsGet Quotation

Graphite Plugs

Carbon Graphite RingsGet Quotation

Carbon Graphite Rings

Capsule Slip Ring

Power Slip RingGet Quotation

Power Slip Ring

Packaging Slip RingGet Quotation

Packaging Slip Ring

Packaging Rotary Joints

Rotary Union for Water Industries

Rotary Joints Accessories

Syphon ElbowGet Quotation

Syphon Elbow

Sealing RingGet Quotation

Sealing Ring

Rotary Joints for Casting Machine

Rotary Joints for High Speed Paper Machine

Rotary Joints for Paper Industries

Rotary Union for Coolant Industries

Rotary Union for Abrasive Media Industries

Swivel Union

Swivel UnionGet Quotation

Swivel Union

Slip Ring

Capsule Slip RingGet Quotation

Capsule Slip Ring

Capsule Slip RingGet Quotation

Capsule Slip Ring

Customized Slip RingGet Quotation

Customized Slip Ring

Mechanical Seals and Spares

Rotary Joints RingsGet Quotation

Rotary Joints Rings

Steam Joint RingsGet Quotation

Steam Joint Rings

Water Pump SealsGet Quotation

Water Pump Seals

PTFE Products

Teflon SheetGet Quotation

Teflon Sheet

Teflon BushesGet Quotation

Teflon Bushes

PTFE Teflon SheetGet Quotation

PTFE Teflon Sheet

Industrial PTFEGet Quotation

Industrial PTFE

PTFE Moulded BushesGet Quotation

PTFE Moulded Bushes

Waveguide Components

Wave Guide ComponentsGet Quotation

Wave Guide Components

carbon fibre sheet


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